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You are at the prime of your financial standing. But you’re too preoccupied managing your business and other ventures that you have no time to personally attend to diversifying your investment portfolio. AXA Philippines gives you what you need through our Wealth Management services. We have the instrument and the expertise to help you vary and expand your net worth, so that you can continue to pursue your passions.

Ambition X is a single-pay product that offers long-term growth through variable returns from professionally-managed funds, to help you achieve your long-term plans.

3G-Xceed is a single-pay product that provides security for your investment through guaranteed capital and returns plus potential for growth through variable upsides from actively-managed funds, to secure your long-term goals.

Assure is a lifetime coverage plan that has guaranteed cash value that accumulates over time as well as possible dividend earnings that you can enjoy during your lifetime.

aXcess is an exclusive 3G-Xceed offer that gives you the opportunity to invest in two Icon Funds for a minimum single investment of only PhP1,000,000. Axcess allows you to minimize risk with 80% of your capital being guaranteed from the portion invested in the 3GX Bond funds and to invest in either of the two Icon Funds—the Spanish/American Legacy Fund or the Chinese Tycoon Fund, for the upside potential.

Dollar aXcess a special 3GX offer, is a long-term variable life insurance product that minimizes capital risk and offers new opportunities for you to maximize returns through the Global Advantage Fund, a U.S. dollar-denominated equity fund invested in the NASDAQ 100 index.

Dollar Xelect is a special Ambition X Dollar offer, providing clients exclusive selection of premium funds for optimum investment growth for a minimum single premium of USD 20,000.

DiverXity is a single pay product that helps to diversify the investor’s portfolio through exposure to different markets. The first fund launched was the Phoenix Fund.

The Icon Funds

The Spanish American Legacy Fund

The portfolio will be mainly invested in blue-chip stocks of companies with Spanish or American lineage belonging to the Philippine Stock Exchange. Majority of these companies are characterized with long corporate history, significant market dominance in their respective industries and have made utilities, telecoms, broadcast media, shipping, beverage and food industries into massive sources of wealth.

The Chinese Tycoon Fund

The portfolio will be mainly invested in blue-chip stocks of companies belonging to the Philippine Stock Exchange owned and/or controlled by Chinese-Filipino Tycoons/families. The Chinese, known for their impeccable business acumen, are also known for their ability to grow businesses which have shown or are showing sustained growth in size and market share and have become dominant players in their respective industries.

Global Advantage Fund

A first U.S. dollar-denominated equity fund invested in the NASDAQ 100 index that is available in the Philippine life insurance market. The NASDAQ 100 comprises 100 of the largest non-financial companies listed in the NASDAQ.

Phoenix Fund

The Phoenix Fund is a limited-offer fund that invests in a structured note issued by a foreign investment grade bank that provides exposure to both the Philippine and China equity markets. It is only available to DiverXity and matures in either 5 or 7 years.

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