Academic eXentials

If you want to start with a simple and affordable educational plan with guaranteed benefits, Academic eXentials is the plan for you. Simply choose a monthly installment plan you’ll pay for just 5 years and also decide when to start receiving your cash benefits. It’s easy to understand, easy on the pocket and easy to buy.

Do you sometimes think that the world is conspiring to make it difficult for you to save for your child's education?

We know how frustrating it can get when you’re ready to save, but the options you get are too technical or complicated, and the requirements are a lot and a hassle to fulfill. That’s why AXA developed Academic eXentials for you.

Like your mobile subscription, you simply pick a plan you can afford to pay monthly, fill out a short form, pay or check out, and you’re done!

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    By paying {[{ main.formatCurrency(main.form.monthlyPayment) }]} every month for 5 years,

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Why Choose Academic eXentials?

  • Buy online through AXA iON on your own or with the help of an AXA Financial Advisor.

  • Start with affordable premiums of P1,500 per month.

  • Save for only 5 years and receive 5 guaranteed annual education benefit payouts.

  • Enjoy guaranteed total cash benefits starting from P124,000.

  • Choose when to start receiving your guaranteed educational benefits.

  • In case of the insured’s untimely death, receive additional cash benefits every year while waiting for the scheduled educational benefit payouts.

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