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Health Max

Your Lifetime Health Coverage


Health Max

Your Lifetime Health Coverage


Why is it important to prepare against Health Uncertainties

How does Health Max benefit you

Critical Illness Coverage

Be covered against 56 major and 18 minor conditions until age 100

Various Payment Period

Pay for 10 years, 20 years or until Age 65

Advance Health Fund

Advance a portion of your Sum Insured starting age of 70, which you can use for other needs

Life Insurance Coverage

A lump-sum cash benefit is provided to your family in case of your untimely demise

How does it works?

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By paying {[{asset.form.monthlyPayment | currency: asset.form.currency:0}]} monthly {[{asset.results.type}]}, you will receive {[{asset.results.healthMaxProtectionAmount | currency: asset.form.currency:0}]}, in case you are diagnosed with a Major Critical Condition.
For a target health fund of {[{asset.form.protectionAmount | currency: asset.form.currency:0}]}, your monthly payment will be based on how long you are willing to pay, as follows:

10 years


20 years


Up to Age 65

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    What You Need to Know

    How is critical illness plan different from HMO?

    HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations offer access to doctors within their network, as well as comprehensive and customizable healthcare insurance. The plans are usually limited to a certain amount and depending on the plan, may not be enough to cover treatments for critical illnesses.

    Meanwhile, critical illness plans, like Health Max, provide an extra cover of protection for serious illnesses, and can help you in fulfilling other needs since it provides a lump sum amount upon diagnosis of a covered condition or illness. For instance, if you become unable to work because of a critical condition, the critical illness plan payout can be used to not only pay for your treatment but also, fund your recurring bills such as utilities, groceries, and other living expenses.

    So if you already have an HMO, having a critical illness plan will complement your health protection. It ensures your lifestyle remains normal especially since a critical illness might render you unable to work.

    How soon can I claim against a critical condition?

    There is a waiting period of sixty (60) days following your policy effective date or your last policy reinstatement date, whichever is later, before being eligible to make a claim for any critical condition.

    Can I have multiple claims for a minor critical condition?

    Yes, you can only claim up to two (2) times while your policy is in force.   Please note that each claim should be for a different Minor Critical Conditions except for (i) Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatments for Coronary Artery, and (ii) Carcinoma-in-situ. The remaining sum insured will cover you against major critical illness or death for the rest of the policy’s life.

    Is the major critical condition benefit paid on top of the death benefit?

    No, once the major critical condition benefit or the death benefit becomes payable, then the policy will already terminate. However, if you claim for minor critical condition benefit and/or Advanced Health Fund, the policy will remain in force.

    For how long will I be covered?

    Your coverage will be until Age 100 provided that you pay your premiums on time. Also do note that you must NOT have encountered any covered minor or major condition within sixty (60) days following the policy effective date, otherwise, this plan’s benefit won’t be payable. On the other hand, in case of your untimely demise following your policy effective date, 100% of your life insurance benefit less any benefits paid, will be given to your beneficiary.

    Can I increase/decrease my coverage?

    Yes, but you can only *increase your coverage within your first policy year.

    Requirements: Policy change request form, valid id, health statement form & other medical documents, as needed

    *subject for underwriting review

    You can also decrease your coverage if your policy is inforce.

    Requirements: Policy change request form, valid id, consent of irrevocable beneficiary or bank clearance, if applicable

    What if I don’t have any critical conditions claims at all, what will my benefit be?

    In case you don’t have any critical illness claims, you have the option of withdrawing a portion of your original sum insured starting age 70.  This will be deducted from your policy’s coverage, but your policy will remain intact with your remaining cover. Additionally, you can be assured that you have life insurance coverage that can protect your family in case of your untimely demise.

    How can I buy this plan?

    To buy this plan, contact one of our AXA Financial Advisors so they can schedule a visit with you.  

    I have more questions not listed here, can I talk to your Financial Advisor?

    Sure! Click here to schedule your preferred time for our financial advisor to call you.


    How do I make a claim?

    Submit Complete Requirements
    Send the necessary documents to any Metrobank branch, or file your applications though your AXA Financial Advisor.
    Your Request will be Processed
    You will receive an update within five(5) working days.
    Expect to Hear from Us
    We will advise you if your claim request needs additional documents or if your applications is approved or declined.
    Receive your Payout
    Once approved. you will receive your claims payout though your preferred method.