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Marine Insurance


Marine Insurance helps ensure the safety of your trade. It provides protection against the risks involved in transporting your goods via cargo or freight, or your profit and other valuable interests.

It covers losses or damages of cargo, acquired or held between the point of origin and final destination, as well as the transport or property by which cargo is held. It is designed to insure merchandise from the time it leaves the seller's premises until it reaches the buyer.


·        Cargo:

This insurance covers loss or damage to goods while in transit, whether on land, sea, or air. We also offer Stock Throughput Insurance and Project Cargo with Delay in Start up (DSU).


·        Hull:

This insurance covers the vessel’s hull, machinery and equipment, including collision liability.


·        Aviation:
This insurance covers loss or damage to the aircraft. It may also include liability such as bodily injury to passengers and property damage.

Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

  • Marine ppen policy (import/export/domestic shipments)
  • Marine annual policy (import/export/domestic shipments)
  • Inland marine
  •  Stock throughput policy
  • Project cargo with delay in start-up (DSU)

  • Hull and machinery
  • Yacht insurance

  • Hull, war, and liabilities