How can I keep my policy in-force?

Your policy will remain in-force as long as you pay your premium on or before the due date.

How can I pay my premiums?

For your convenience, your premiums can be paid through auto-charge (VISA/Mastercard) and ADA (Auto-debit Arrangement) for Metrobank account holders. For internet payments, you can make this through Metrobank Direct, Bancnetonline, PSBank Remote Banking or PNB Personal Internet Banking. Premium payments can also be made over-the-counter through Metrobank, LBC or PNB branches nationwide. For details, you may refer to Payment of Premiums for AXA’s payment facilities.

It is very important for you to write the policy number on the payment form when paying over the counter at any of the Metrobank branches so we can correctly and quickly update information about your policy.

What if we miss paying my premium on the due date?

Your policy provides a 31-day grace period where you can pay your premium without penalties.

What if I miss paying my premium past the grace period?

If you still did not pay your premium past the 31-day grace period, your policy will lapse and cease to be in-force, which means you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of your policy anymore.

What happens to my policy once it lapses?

You can apply for reinstatement of your policy by submitting an accomplished health statement form, along with the payment for all unpaid premiums plus reinstatement charges.

Can I reinstate my policy anytime?

You can reinstate your policy within three (3) years of your last due date.

If I can’t reinstate my policy within three (3) years, from due date, can I still get financial protection from AXA?

If your policy can no longer be reinstated, you may apply for a new policy with AXA based on current products available in the market.

How can you help me remind about my premiums which are due for payment?

As an additional service to you, AXA will generate a payment reminder (or premium notice) 28 days before your due date. This notice shall be sent to you at your designated billing address. You will likewise get a text message (SMS) as a payment reminder if you provided a mobile number in your application. AXA will also generate a final payment reminder 5 days after your due date.

For the status of your policy, you may also register through myAXAClick so you will be updated on your policy’s due date and other information. You can also refer to your payments once you are enrolled.

When should I update my policy information?

You should update your records with AXA every time there is a change in your personal information such as changes in your name (applicable for married females), changes in your billing address, changes in your contact details, among others.

How can I update my policy information?

You may fill up a Request for Policy Change Request Form reflecting your updated information. A notification will be sent to your designated billing address once we have updated your information in our records.

How can I get in touch with AXA?

You can chat with us by clicking on the Live Chat button below. You can also choose your AXA Financial Advisor through myAXAPartner or visit the nearest Metrobank or PSBank branch or any AXA branch office. You may also call us at (02) 5815 AXA (292) or (02) 3231 AXA (292) or drop us an email at Customer.Service@axa.com.ph