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Construction and Engineering Insurance

Construction and Engineering Insurance

Companies are developing at a record breaking pace nowadays as industries become more receptive to market dynamics. Do not let unexpected events hinder the progress of your construction and engineering properties.

Our Construction and Engineering product line includes various types of policies of construction or civil engineering works, installation or erection works as well as the operation of machinery and equipment.

We cover any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damages to the project from any cause, other than those specifically excluded in the standard CAR (Contractors All Risk) policy.

Construction and Engineering Insurance

Covers all types of construction works & civil engineering construction and offers protection against hazards which may threaten works under construction.

Covers the erection or installation of individual machines or plants ranging from complete power stations to lifts and air-conditioning system.

Covers all types of stationary machinery as well as apparatus used in the industry from the smallest electric motor up to the steam turbo alternators used in the modern electric power plants, whether normal, working, or not.

Covers all types of office, hospital and / or other related electronic equipment.

Covers damage to the boiler and pressure vessel caused by and solely due to explosion or collapse while in the course of ordinary working.

Covers construction equipment such as portable tools, bobcats, and mobile or tower cranes.