Condo Security,format

A comprehensive property insurance for your condominium unit’s contents and improvements.  This is designed to provide coverage in an event of fire and lightning, acts of nature (earthquake, typhoon, flood) with riot/strike, and malicious damage. Condo Security also features extended benefits including personal accident insurance for you, your spouse, and child(ren), coverage for third party liability, burglary/robbery, firefighting expense, debris removal, rental income, deterioration of stocks, parking slot, accidental breakage of mirrors, and household helpers’ personal accident and property damage – due to insured perils.


  • Property insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Comprehensive personal liability
  • Robbery and burglary
  • Fire fighting expense and debris removal
  • Rental expense and rental income
  • Household helper coverage

Sample quote

For a premium of ₱1,200, your unit can be insured for ₱1,000,000*.

*Note: This quote is based on the pricing of Condo Security