Global Assets Income Paying (GAIN) Fund

A global income-paying fund that helps sustain the lifestyle you deserve as you build your legacy for generations to come

Secure a fund for your future while enjoying the time of your life.

As you plan your estate, you’re driven to grow and secure your wealth for the future. However, wouldn’t it be great if you and your heirs can enjoy it now too?

Get regular payouts on top of an insurance plan when you invest in the Global Assets Income Paying (GAIN) Fund via Asset Master, AXA's investment-linked insurance plan.

Choose Asset Master with GAIN Fund (in Dollar or Peso) so you can sustain your lifestyle while securing your legacy.

Why invest in AXA GAIN Fund?

As you set aside part of your hard-earned wealth for your estate plan, continue to enjoy its living benefits and let your wealth work for you!
Estate Planning

Seamlessly transfer your hard-earned wealth to your heirs

Payout feature

Reap the benefits of your investments and enjoy your lifestyle by receiving a regular income payout.


Gain access to local and global asset classes (in peso and dollar currencies) for higher growth potential of your wealth.

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