Practicing Daily Gratitude To Improve Your Well-Being

Our day-to-day activities may get more stressful and hectic as the holidays approach. The pressures of Christmas, especially in the Philippines, along with the hustle and bustle that comes with it, can be overwhelming. Mothers and wives, in particular, may become stressed over family and gift-giving obligations.

As part of protecting your well-being, it is important to prioritize your mental health during these busy times. One way of doing this is by practicing daily gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude
Gratitude stems from being able to attribute something good that happened to you to someone else, whether an individual or an impersonal source such as nature2. Practicing daily gratitude involves being able to contemplate who and what you are thankful for3.

Making it a habit to note what you’re thankful for everyday, making sure to pay it forward by letting someone know what you’re thankful for, and contemplating on what it means to accept this kindness can go a long way3.

Benefits of saying thanks
Multiple studies have linked gratitude to well-being by testing the impact of the positive psychological effects that practicing daily gratitude can have on a person1.

Improved physical and emotional health
The impact of giving and receiving gratitude can be linked to improving interpersonal relationships we have, which can help improve the mental and physical state of those involved1. Practicing daily gratitude can lower your risk of depression, anxiety, substance dependency and conditions such as eating disorders3.

Paying it forward
Saying thank you and showing gratitude can have a ripple effect, motivating the recipient to show the same grace they were given3. Simple things such as saying thank you to the person who delivered your groceries can have a huge effect on their day.

Appreciating the little things
The practice of gratitude can help improve the perspectives from which we view our daily lives3. Being able to focus on how something or someone has improved your life, and going out of your way to express gratitude can bring a fresh outlook to your life. This helps you appreciate your greater purpose in life, thereby boosting your self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Gratitude is something often overlooked. But as we approach the holidays where gift-giving is the norm, learning how to express gratitude and saying thanks beyond material means can greatly improve our relationships. Start your own practice of gratitude now.

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