Given the volatile nature of the market, it is sometimes difficult to remain at ease about your investments.  Stay calm knowing that your initial investment will remain intact with 100% capital guarantee from 3GXceed.  Plus, get life insurance coverage for added protection!

What is 3GXceed?

This is a single-pay investment and insurance plan that lets you:

o   Guarantee your capital¹

It ensures that your capital remains intact amidst the changing market conditions. Keep your policy intact and make no withdrawals from your account to get 100% of your initial investment back after seven years.

o   Guard your family’s lifestyle²

It safeguards your family from uncertainties with life insurance coverage equal to at least 125% of your investment.

o   Grow your money

It grows your capital by investing in AXA’s unique and expertly managed equity funds.

¹“Capital guarantee is based on the full single premium invested. This assumes also no withdrawals were made and the policy remains in force until maturity.”

²125% Life insurance coverage assumes that no withdrawals and that the policy remains in force.

Take a look at 3GXceed’s features:

o   Minimum investment

Php 200,000

o   Currency

Philippine Peso

o   Maturity date for 3GX-B26 Fund

May 17, 2026. If no prior customer instruction, the 3GX-B26 fund holding will automatically be switched to Liquidity Fund to help protect the capital

 o   Guaranteed capital

100% of invested amount. This assumes no withdrawals were made and the policy remains in force until maturity

o   Death benefit

125% of the single premium or the account value (whichever is higher)

o   Premium charge

Tier 1: 5% premium charge (Php 200,000 to less than Php 400,000)

Tier 2: 3.5% premium charge (Php 400,000 to less than Php 5 million)

Tier 3: 2% premium charge (Php 5 million and above)

o   Surrender charges

1-2 policy years: 3.5% of account value

3-4 policy years: 3% of account value

5 policy years: 2% of account value

6 policy years: 1% of account value

o   Available investment funds

You’re automatically invested in 3GX-B26 Fund which provides the guarantee on your capital upon maturity. For the growth potential of your investment, you can choose one of our professionally managed equity funds:

Chinese Tycoon Fund
The portfolio is invested mainly in blue-chip stocks of companies owned and/ or controlled by Chinese-Filipino tycoons/families listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi).

Opportunity Fund

Designed to give long-term growth by investing in stocks of high potential companies from different industries listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi).

To know more about 3GXceed, talk to an AXA Financial Partner by visiting the nearest Metrobank, PSBank, or AXA branch, email customer.service@axa.com.ph or consult an advisor here.

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