aXelerator plus

Enjoy an accelerated investment growth while you protect yourself from financial stress at the same time.  Financial stress arises from unexpected health emergencies like sudden illnesses, accidents or medical conditions.  With aXelerator plus, it gives you an opportunity to take advantage of building your savings for your future goals through AXA's professionally-managed funds.  It allows you to relax and have a peace of mind knowing your dreams for yourself and for your family will not be compromised when a critical condition strikes.

Sample Profile

Customer Profile: Male, 35 years old, Non-Smoker

Payment Term 5 years
Monthly PremiumP9,500
Life Insurance CoverageP500,000
Health CoverageP500,000
Account Value at age 65P2,400,000

Why Choose Axelerator Plus?

Choose your AXA Investment Fund

Decide on how much investment risk you can tolerate based on your risk preference. Low risk funds will give you more stability but equally potential lower returns. High risk funds are more volatile but can ride on the market highs with the potential to earn more

Note that performance of the past does not provide guarantees of the future

Optional Coverage

Waiver of Premium Rider

AXA will pay your premiums should you become permanently disabled

Secure Rider

Pays you a cash benefit for injuries sustained in an accident.

Care Rider

Pays a fixed allowance for each day of hospitalization.

Protector Rider

Gives you additional life insurance coverage.