Look forward to a comfortable retirement. Start planning today with Retire Smart


How we will live our retirement years depends on how well we prepare for it today.

Retirement is an exciting chapter of our lives. It's the time to create more memories and pursue of the goals we might have missed when we were working. In achieving these goals, we need a game plan to prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead.

Our pension might not be enough.
Relying on government and company pension alone might not be enough to sustain our current lifestyle to last us through our retirement years.
Inflation reduces the value of our money.
Continuous increase in the prices of goods and services reduces the purchasing power of our money over time.
Unforeseen setbacks can happen.
Unexpected events such as medical emergencies can require us to pay our medical bills from our own pockets, which can eat up our savings.

How does Retire Smart benefit you?

Easy on the pocket
A regular pay product with payment schemes that acts as convenient savings plan.
Life insurance coverage
A lump-sum cash benefit is provided to your family in case of your untimely demise. Avail of life insurance coverage from 5-25x of your annual premium.
A portion of your premium is allocated to funds designed to grow your money, with professional fund managers customizing it based on your target retirement date.
Customize your protection
For a nominal amount, you can also enhance your plan with supplementary protection coverage.

How does Retire Smart help in your retirement?

Based on your target retirement date, AXA's fund managers maximize your money's growth potential at the onset, then transition toward less volatile investments to protect your money as your retirement approaches.

How do you make a claim?

Submit complete requirements
Send the necessary documents to any Metrobank branch or file your applications though your AXA Financial Advisor.
Your request will be processed
You will receive an update within five (5) working days.
Expect to hear from us
We will update you on the status of your request.
Receive your payout
Once approved. you will receive your claims payout though your preferred method.